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                                                             AdNet: Affiliate Network with custom selected publishers
                                                             TheUsing our proprietary advertising network we achieve high advertising printing volume with select partners via blogs, comparison portals, e-mail marketing, InApp advertising, virtual currency, and niche brandbuero AdNetportals. The leading German affiliate platform for both, publishers and advertisers, now welcomes the addition of US & International demand.We produce the advertising materials, secure advertisers, and create exclusive offers. Benefit from our direct contacts to reach a million users through different sales funnels.



MagClub: Subscription portal with offers for newspapers, magazines and digital productsMagClub
The Online-Kiosk is owned and operated by brandbuero Media GmbH. Since starting the portal in 2010 we have been bundling numerous subscription marketing campaigns using MagClub. We develop up-selling-solutions for our clients throughout websites. By using MagClub, we sell about 50.000
subscription orders of newspapers, magazins and other digital products during a year.



Attention.Media: Programmatic

Attention Media prepares the best media buying strategy for every brand and every product: Desktop, mobile and video. Programmatic Marketing automates the purchase of target groups, facilitates the control of cross-media campaigns and improves the impact of your advertising message by optimal Targeting.


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